January 2015

To be or not to be for an enterprise depends on the security and availability of data. The organizations which fail to protect their data have to spend more to get their business back on track. For enterprises to remain competitive they should implement a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery procedures. MyDatasync is highly reliable data backup and disaster recovery solution

Managed services have come a long way from basic monitoring and management of IT systems to more sophisticated services. As technology is now more intrinsic to customer’s business functions the managed services have to be more adaptable to customer business requirement than a basic prescription of maintaining IT systems. In today’s competitive environment the managed services have to manage and

Cloud adoption is significant in enterprises but we can see 54% i.e. more than half of enterprises are in Cloud Beginners & Cloud Explorer maturity phase. In 2013 Enterprise Cloud watchers were 32% hence we can say they have significantly adopted cloud. The result is similar in case of SMB, but Beginners and Explorers constitute 66%. Watchers & Focused cloud adopters constitute almost the same number