April 2015

When emerging trends in technology are becoming all pervasive, the enterprises are looking for solutions that increasing focused delivering services that ensure quality and security in IT environment. With Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM) enterprises can forego their strain of maintaining and managing IT operations within the organization. The Remote Infrastructure Management services provider ensures to provide 24*7 global monitoring and management support. In Remote Infrastructure Management,

As Cloud computing was gaining momentum so was the new products facilitating managed services to enterprise IT. With Cloud Computing, developers and IT departments were able to focus more on delivering the services rather than being mingled up in tasks such as procurement, maintenance, capacity planning, etc. Also, Cloud with its Cloud Integration Services offered numerous advantages to enterprises who were looking for solutions

Enterprises face challenges with the ever-evolving business and technology. The business requirements change with time and often the existing software or packages are not flexible enough to accommodate the new demands. Progressive Infotech’s Application Development practice with an innovative approach, engagements, and governance & delivery models provides customized applications that meet business requirement & specifications. Drawing from our years of experience