January 2018

A successful enterprise transformation depends on many things including the right applications and access to the storage, market information, etc. However, having a good cloud-native adoption strategy is as important as having the right tools to scale business in the long run. Migrating to the cloud is the inevitable future for many enterprises. But knowing the journey beforehand and acting on

Nowadays applications are tuned to serve priorities that drive business efficiency. If the right set of services to improve application performance is developed, then it would be a clever move to drive up business revenue. Application performance management has always been a concern for an enterprise. Right from the coding, storage space, disk performance, memory etc., the performance of an application

With enterprises migrating to cloud, Disaster Recovery and parameters like RTO and RPO are crucial points in a business continuity plan today. Understanding the importance can help operations back up within that acceptable time frame before serious losses can arise from the break in operations. RTO or Recovery Time Objective is the time within which an enterprise can resume business processes