October 2020

Cloud computing has firmly established its position as the new normal for enterprise IT. As cloud continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend, it is essential for CIOs to invest the budgets wisely and prepare contingency plans in case things go wrong. According to Gartner, “CIOs looking to prepare their organization to thrive in the upcoming turns

Some of the potential and enormous problems for any organization are cyber threats that include ransomware, phishing, hacking, and distributed denial-of-service attacks. Such attacks can also cause gigantic organizations leading to its reputational damage, disruption in services, as well as the loss of personal data. In some extreme cases, they might also result in huge fines from the regulators.

The COVID-19 has pushed many companies into a domino effect wherein they are accelerating the facilities for seamless remote work. Here, cloud computing emerges as an essential technology as it is capable of handling critical applications and at the same time scale the infrastructure based on the requirement. Around the globe, the CIOs' are the first responders in order to

Nowadays, everyone wants to ensure security, especially, for our remote workforce without hindering our business productivity. Are you also struggling with identifying such risks in terms of security capabilities? Are you wondering how and where should I focus my time and resources? These questions are been asked by security and risk management experts frequently. However, the real question lies here,

Gartner notes that the capability gap between IaaS providers is beginning to shrink, and has combined evaluation of cloud infrastructure vendors with their cloud platform and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. Gartner defines cloud infrastructure and platform services (CIPS) as: “standardized, highly automated offerings, in which infrastructure resources (e.g., compute, networking and storage) are complemented by integrated platform services. Here are eight key takeaways