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A Walk In The Clouds

A Walk In The Clouds

Many of us have heard the hype about reaping the benefits of public cloud infrastructures without compromising service levels, security or compliance requirements — it’s called private cloud computing. But when is it the right time for companies to pull the trigger on the private cloud without shooting themselves in the foot?

Unlike the public cloud, where companies can grow and shrink usage (and ultimately costs) based on need, internal private cloud costs are perpetual.

Private cloud computing isn’t something you simply go out and buy; it’s an evolution from what we have today. Furthermore, the private cloud is a stopgap or stepping stone to utilizing more mature public cloud services when they become available, anytime from six months to ten years from now.

Progressive has helped our customer to see Private Cloud in action on Microsoft® Hyper-V™ enabled Cloud environment as a means of optimizing its data center(s), utilizing the capabilities of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provisioning. The purpose of this engagement was to:

• Build Private Cloud environment based on a production environment, which can demonstrate how a Hyper-V can help meet the service levels required by the organization.

•Compatibility of existing application on virtual environment

•Self Service Infrastructure provisioning and Automation process

•Measurement of optimization and efficiency of data center resources

•Showcase of elasticity IT virtualization maturity is the essence of evolving to the private cloud.

Private Cloud in a nutshell:

Cloud computing strategy tailored specifically to your business, allowing you to:

•Gain tighter control over security

•Lower your total cost of ownership

•Better manage provisioning

•Improve services orchestration

•Virtualize and scale your existing applications