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Application Performance Management

Our Application Performance Management (APM) service provides real-time user experience analysis that identifies and helps you resolve application performance issues faster for an unparalleled digital experience

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) embraces identification and resolution of application issues in order to deliver a quality end-user experience. As applications and platforms are developed in granular complexities and remain to be in critical states, APM has turned out to be more essential. We analyze the response times of your application users, critical application components and give you complete visibility into how your applications are performing followed by automation and control of your mission-critical applications that cannot afford any downtime or failures. Our solutions are aligned with your application environment that help you detect the root cause of your application problems and resolve the issue more effectively.

Application Monitoring:

Our real-time monitoring of applications, mission-critical application components on any operating system and application state ensures optimal performance and high-availability. We encompass dedicated application performance management (APM) team that proactively detects any outages, failures and root cause of failed applications.

Providing you with nearly boundless scalability, monitoring effectiveness, availability reporting, preemptive alerting and more, you can easily eliminate blind spots from your application environment.

Our industry-best services include monitoring of:

  • End User Experience
  • Database Monitoring
  • Response time
  • Throughput
  • Error Rates
  • Transaction times
Application Testing:

Extend your application portfolio in hybrid environment with our application testing capabilities.

Our APM service portfolio embraces testing as one of the core practices in performance improvement of applications, products, systems and platforms. With extensive testing capabilities, we ensure that your applications for various verticals and across multiple platforms perform efficiently as per their specifications and remain strongly integrated, secure, and compliant.

Enterprise Applications: Digital Applications: DevOps (CI/CD):
SAP Java Puppet
Oracle .NET Ansible
SharePoint Node js Chef
IBM WebSphere Python Jenkins
MySQL JMeter

We not only assess your applications on efficiency and quality assurance but also measures its end-user experience across multiple locations.