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Applications are complex,

Monitoring them shouldn’t be


Progressive Infotech Installs Dynatrace’s famous OneAgent


Dynatrace auto-discovers and maps your environment


Realize how much easier life is now that you have Dynatrace

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Monitor your entire stack with Dynatrace,
and ensure flawless customer experiences

Find Dependencies and connections

Dynatrace automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes your critical customer journeys through each application service and infrastructure dependency.

Baseline performance and
automate remediation

Automate anomaly detection, drastically reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) with instant root cause analysis, and correlate application performance to business outcomes.

Broadest Supported Technologies

Dynatrace provides comprehensive support coverage in terms of language, application architecture, cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments, enterprise apps, microservices, and CI/CD analytics

Why Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an industry leader for the 8th consecutive time. 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Suites list Dynatrace as the leader.

Get ready to be amazed


Dynatrace vs. Cisco AppDynamics vs. New Relic

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