You must have heard people talking about Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning revolutionizing the world. Applications getting better and better in Speech Recognition, Facebook getting better in recognizing the face in an image and accurately tagging them but, have you ever wondered how they are able to do these cool stuff? What is the technology behind them? The answer to all the

The workplace has evolved to a level where concepts like BYOD and video calls have become a common thing to achieve business goals. By the use of resourceful tools like Office 365 and Google apps, many digitalized workplace enjoy seamless workplace management with a high productivity. Seamless Workplace Management Progressive Infotech believes that a workplace which provides integration of work processes, communication, and

Summary: Today, migrating to Cloud is not just about running technology in the cloud rather than it’s about running your business in the cloud. Azure is one such way which opens up new methods of doing business that offer opportunities and benefits that go beyond the technical aspects of Cloud.Microsoft is the only cloud provider that offers a complete and

Many of us have heard the hype about reaping the benefits of public cloud infrastructures without compromising service levels, security or compliance requirements — it’s called private cloud computing. But when is it the right time for companies to pull the trigger on the private cloud without shooting themselves in the foot? Unlike the public cloud, where companies can grow and

What are the biggest Ransomware threats this year? The crippling effects of WannaCry Ransomware attack earlier this year in May was a sign of the vulnerability that SMBs can face from a cyber-attack. With WannaCry making headlines by infecting more than 2, 30,000 machines, the IT industry is facing a bigger threat by each passing day from hackers. Progressive Infotech,

Why is there a focus on improving Customer Experience? Today, Customer Experience is an element that has a significant role in influencing businesses. With real-time feedback and support from Service Desk, customer experience has undergone a noteworthy change that has managed to command customer loyalty with a good score for the promoter. Progressive Infotech describes the areas of improvement that

As Cloud computing was gaining momentum so was the new products facilitating managed services to enterprise IT. With Cloud Computing, developers and IT departments were able to focus more on delivering the services rather than being mingled up in tasks such as procurement, maintenance, capacity planning, etc. Also, Cloud with its Cloud Integration Services offered numerous advantages to enterprises who were looking for solutions

Enterprises are looking at cloud infrastructure and solutions to meet different requirements related to scalability, productivity, agility, service level improvements and management costs. It becomes quite confusing for organizations to select the right option to meet their requirements and at the same time get predictable outcomes as various cloud infrastructure and solutions are being offered by various vendors. At Progressive InfoTech we