Cloud Computing

India’s IT landscape is transforming at a better pace by many promising developments in the field of cloud computing, which are even more perceptible across the domestic boundaries. India's proactive functions in cloud services have recently created great enthusiasm among technology rulers in nations like the United States. This endless cloud computing progression in India is of commercial importance and

Cloud is here and it’s being adopted. Like any other technology, there are a few challenges in cloud adoption. Formulating a comprehensive migration strategy and organizational change strategy Security & Risk associated with cloud adoption Compliance and regulations Resource and skill set for cloud adoption According to a survey conducted by KPMG Cloud Survey 2014 Report, 53% feared about Data loss

For last 16 years, Progressive Infotech has been driving efficiency in enterprise businesses by integrating IT strategy to business strategy to drive value and growth. We have delivered value to our clients by optimizing their IT operations and providing innovative IT solutions which allows them to meet their business needs which they face in the current dynamic business environment. When it

Progressive Infotech is an advanced consulting partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services) & cloud accelerator partner of Microsoft Azure. We provide end to end managed services for the cloud. Enterprises already on cloud needs support and management for their existing cloud and enterprises not on cloud needs the roadmap for cloud adoption, our team of certified AWS and Microsoft experts helps enterprises with customized solutions

Our Amazon Web Services expertise helps our clients leverage the capabilities of AWS to achieve economies of scale and access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies manage their AWS, technical support experts and improved ROI on your cloud Investments so that you can rest assured

Cloud adoption is significant in enterprises but we can see 54% i.e. more than half of enterprises are in Cloud Beginners & Cloud Explorer maturity phase. In 2013 Enterprise Cloud watchers were 32% hence we can say they have significantly adopted cloud. The result is similar in case of SMB, but Beginners and Explorers constitute 66%. Watchers & Focused cloud adopters constitute almost the same number