More than 225 million individuals are using Microsoft Office 365 for their daily tasks in business as well as in schools and Universities. As per the Email Statistics Report, 2019-2023 by The Radicati Group, Inc [1], there would be more than 5 billion email users by the end of the year 2021. In the year 2019, there were approximately 3.09

Securing data can be a never-ending challenge. Organizations, enterprises, and companies are backing up their security teams in order to safeguard themselves and protect their intellectual property from any targeted cybersecurity attacks and accidental exposure. Along with this, simultaneously, they must also adapt themselves to today’s latest IT management systems that include hybrid cloud environments and cloud applications. The neverending

Nowadays, everyone wants to ensure security, especially, for our remote workforce without hindering our business productivity. Are you also struggling with identifying such risks in terms of security capabilities? Are you wondering how and where should I focus my time and resources? These questions are been asked by security and risk management experts frequently. However, the real question lies here,