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Cloud Integration Service at Progressive Infotech

Cloud Integration Service at Progressive Infotech

With enterprises going for cloud applications, integration remains a big challenge both to the in-premise application and the other cloud application. The challenges with cloud integration:

    • Lack of integration strategy governance
    • Control and security
    • Performance and latency issues
    • Data replication issues
    • Application connectivity issues

For smooth operation enterprises need a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem of applications. Progressive helps to build an enterprise integration strategy wherein we form a seamless integration of applications. With many cloud integration success stories and using the best practices, we provide cloud integration taking care Governance, Security, Latency and other issues pertaining to any integration.

Our cloud integration services cover the following workloads and technologies:

  • Platforms & Middleware: Database Integration in AWS and Windows Azure, Elastic Map Reduce in AWS, Simple Email Service in AWS etc.
  • Office 365
  • Google Apps
  • SharePoint Application
  • Open Source Integration