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Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Integration Services

As enterprises are witnessing growth a new set of IT problems are emerging. In today’s scenario, the business units have varied options as many cloud solutions and SaaS products are readily available to meet their specific requirements so that they can drive organizational growth.

If we examine the IT landscape of any growing enterprise over the year we will find that over the years the IT landscape has become more complex. This complexity has been pushed more with the subscription of multiple cloud services or SaaS platforms by respective business units and along with the presence of on-premise systems.

In the midst of this storm, the CIOs have been caught unaware and struggling to create an ‘IT order’ which is streamlined, have seamless information flow between the various existing system, futuristic in approach and inline to CFOs order.

CIOs are weighing different technology options available to them to address the problem at hand. They know the answer to this lies in cloud integration services but it’s difficult for them to figure out, how to evaluate and include cloud integration services as a part of overall cloud computing strategy? Over and above, the most crucial decision for a CIO is how to select a vendor and technology for the cloud integration services.

The cloud integration services include integration of different cloud services and also cloud integration with the on-premise systems to keep currency of the record updated. So it is important that cloud integration services should be both, business efficiency and IT optimized.