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Datacenter Migration Challenges

Datacenter Migration Challenges

The utilization of cloud technology is on a precise surge, as businesses are becoming more and more aware of the numerous benefits cloud can have in terms of efficiency and profitability. Even if it’s private, public or hybrid, the technology is now used by almost every organization. The reasons which may increase the significance of cloud migration among the enterprises are:
• Agility,
• Scalability,
• Cost-effectiveness,
• Higher performance.

But, before businesses start leveraging the cloud with all its benefits, firstly they must perform datacenter migration successfully. However, this process is not an easy one. Many organizations make lots of mistakes while performing migration which should be avoided completely to achieve the foremost output of performing it.
So, before anyone start with the cloud migration, they need to figure out how it can be done in a proper seamless manner.
These are some common pitfalls which are to be avoided:

Cloud Preference

Choosing a vendor that best caters to your application requirements, flexibility, etc. must be done before finalizing the cloud provider, not to mention the agreement review which is a crucial parameter to keep in mind as well. Every cloud platform is a blend of strengths and limitations with their own set of unique features. Vendors provide a private cloud or public cloud depending on the type of vendor you opt for. However, choosing a type of vendor totally depends on the type of services you want to utilize.

Lacking a complete infrastructure assessment

It signifies “Knowing What You Have”. To execute migration process successfully, you must first know all the details about everything you currently hold running in your current data center.

Precisely reckon the cost

Despite cloud is well-known for reducing cost expenses, tuning to the cloud is a very expensive task. Additionally, if the perfect requirements are not met it can be a very devastating task leading to increased costs.

Abandoning security aspects

Every organization demands a secure environment for their data. Having a weak front to secure the confidential information can lead to outrageous outcomes. The security industry is struggling to keep up with cloud migration, which is an essential matter to be concerned about. According to few facts, most of the CIOs & CSOs spot the fear of data loss during data center migration.

Not recognizing dependencies

Understanding dependencies at all levels are extremely important for planning a successful move. The most familiar mistake made during the process of data center migration is not identifying the resulting dependencies. An intact and upgraded application dependency map is certainly required while planning a successful migration move.

Fear of Downtime

Businesses need to think twice before migrating to the cloud if they seize unreliable internet connection. Downtime is probably the worst drawback of the technology. Even the best service providers experience outages from time to time.

Don’t take shortcuts while executing data center migration because it can lead to business degradation along with depletion of organizational information, customer experience and so on.