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Database Migration Made Easy using AWS DMS Part-2

Database Migration Made Easy using AWS DMS Part-2

My previous blog on Database migration made easy discussed the things to be kept in mind while migrating your database using DMS. This very article will discuss the points in continuation to it.

AWS DMS Create Task Options

During your database migration, below are the options which can be considered when creating a task.

> Start Task on Create: DMS starts the task when created. However, in some situations, it is desirable to postpone the start of the task. For example, in AWS CLI, there may be a process to create a task and another one to start it based on some event.

> Target Table Preparation Mode: This option lets the user choose how to handle tables on the target database. Options available are:

  1. Do Nothing: When this option is selected, data in target database tables is left as it is. It can be selected if the schema is pre-created and data has not been loaded yet. Or, if you are loading incremental data.
  2. Drop tables on target: It will drop and recreate existing tables. If a table that is required for migration doesn’t exist, it is created. If the schema is not pre-created, this option can be chosen. Also, it is the default option.

iii. Truncate: As the name suggests, it is used to truncate existing tables before transferring data.

If you do pre-create some or all of your target objects, be sure to choose the truncate or do-nothing options for target table preparation mode.

This piece discusses some options which needs to be chosen while creating AWS DMS Task.

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