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How IT Issues Are Hampering Your Workplace Productivity

How IT Issues Are Hampering Your Workplace Productivity

Productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost required to do it. Even though this equation might seem simple enough on the surface, the strategies that go beyond optimizing it have dramatically evolved over the last few decades. Without any doubt, it is tempting to conclude the fact that individuals are performing their work much faster and better, overall productivity is now soaring.

But here is the problem, according to the U.S Government Data [1], the overall labor productivity has only grown 1 to 2% per year during the tech boom. With trillions of dollars being invested during this time period. That’s a hard number to reconcile. However, a strong hypothesis suggests the fact that businesses are now focusing more on the wrong kind of productivity and the wrong kind of management for the same.

According to Harvard Business Review, at least 50% of the total time employees spent time engaging with IT-related issues that had no correlation with enterprise value. Studies have showcased the fact that in a day an average worker spends at least 22 minutes just dealing with IT-related issues. After a series of calculations, employees are spending approximately more than 95 hours just dealing with IT-related issues. The issues are mostly caused due to the time wasted in using cell phones, gossiping, and internet usage. Therefore, this blog outlines how organizations and businesses can work through IT-related issues so that they can save time.

Types Of IT Issues Occurring At Your Workplace

With technology being the central nervous system of any organization or business, employees have to rely on IT-related tools to get their jobs done. However, various IT-related issues or technical glitches are common for any software for the tech industry. Such technical glitches or IT-related issues may cause frustration in employees. Not to mention, if such issues are not handled quickly, they can lead to low productivity and wastage of time. Indeed, your employees becoming more grumpy.

Outdated and old computer systems
Delays caused due to internet traffic
Annoying pop-ups
Freezing computer
Malfunctions happening in the software
Accessory related issues such as scanner, printer, and etc

What Are The Solutions To Such IT Related Issues?

Companies should now have a help desk where employees can go and report such IT-related issues as soon as they encounter the same. The help desk would not only provide them the earliest solution but would also save a lot of time in escalating the issues. Self-Healing is one such help desk tool that proactively manages and monitors the performance of every end-user system. Preventing an error is always better than resolving one. Mitigating any potential error or issue in its early stages is actually performed by with the help of predictive analytics. Self-Healing helps in: –

Continuous System Monitoring

Real-Time Issues Resolution


Schedule Triggered Tasks

Health Check


In addition to this, IT staff should also be encouraged by the employer for sharing tips that prevent such problems from reoccurring. Educating employees is one of the most crucial and cost-effective ideas for the same.

Most importantly, companies should now invest in modern technological equipment that is less problematic, more productive, and easier to maintain. Educate the staff with the latest changing trends in technology to ensure efficient work delivery. Wastage of time in employees focusing on small things can be avoided in the first place by educating them. Technology should save time and make work more efficient, however, when it decides to act up, it may cause headaches. Make sure to perform regular maintenance and upgrades to all your systems and simultaneously provide training to your employees frequently after installing a new system.

Cyber attacks can also be prevented with regular updates. Unquestionably, the work efficiency and its delivery would be slow down with outdated software. Certainly, for cyber thieves, this is also a major gateway for entering your system and taking it down.

IT-related issues should always be treated as a team effort. Head of the departments as well as other stakeholders should all be aware of the necessary steps that need to be taken for protecting the companies data and keeping all the systems running efficiently and smoothly.

Last but not the least, Self-Healing is a secret to avoiding costly IT errors by detecting and issues in its early stage itself and having it attended as soon as possible. Productivity being every organization’s ultimate goal, implementing a self-healing help desk tool, and educating your staff will improve your bottom line and make your staff productive and happy.