Focus on high-yielding IT operations by automating repetitive tasks with our IMS automation solution.

Organizations tend to spend a lot of valuable time in managing routine employee tasks, sparing very little time for creative problem-solving and other customer-centric work. Today, a bunch of software tools have come into existence to help automate repetitive tasks to provide more time to the employees for other important stuff.

Our automation tools help save time by eliminating the need for human employees to conduct time-consuming and tedious routine tasks. Our solutions integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to address task-automation requirements, making bots smarter and more agile.

Organize workflows, combine with your business rules and regulations, manage content, and store data with intelligent robotic process automation. Your bots will be able to contribute more efficiently and help you achieve business goals with innovation and excellence.

Progressive Infotech’s Approach


Evaluate processes that are repetitive and simple to execute for example IT Support Level 1. And identification of repetitive and large volume activities.


Create Automation Bots/scripts to can run these tasks by using tools.


These bots are designed and implemented to streamline – End Users Management, IT Service Desk and Data Center Operations.

  • These BoTs can also be deployed for Service Desk activities which will reduce the turnaround time for tickets.
  • BoTs can also be triggered for remotely logging into servers to execute certain commands or tasks.
  • BoT dashboard will give us a good understanding of the BoT activities and measure the performance of the BoTs.

Automation Benefits

Reduce Operational Costs
Enhance work accuracy
Reduce IT dependency
Enhance business efficiency
Improved Employee Productivity

Quick Start Your IT Services Automation

Automation within IT infrastructure management

Servers, storage, network, OS/virtualization, database, middleware, End User Compute (EUC), and service desk

Use cases of tasks automated

Hardware or service provisioning, capacity management, helpdesk/support operations, patch management, end-user automation, and performance monitoring, incident management, self-healing, and prevention

Transformation and modernization

Using performance data to identify areas for improvement and modernization of IT infrastructure services

Use Cases

Automation in a glance

  • Automate password reset and unlock accounts
  • Real-time Active Directory (AD) user profile update
  • Automate device configuration and software installation
  • Access Provisioning & Deprovisioning
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Self-service chatbot
  • Service Desk Tool integration
  • Remove infected files blocked by malware

Why Progressive?

  • Strategic roadmap creation aligned to your business priorities.
  • Real-time analysis and assessment of business process efficiencies.
  • Wider implementation base across platforms and industries.

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