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Seamless Workplace Management with Office 365 & Google Apps

Seamless Workplace Management with Office 365 & Google Apps

The workplace has evolved to a level where concepts like BYOD and video calls have become a common thing to achieve business goals. By the use of resourceful tools like Office 365 and Google apps, many digitalized workplace enjoy seamless workplace management with a high productivity.

Seamless Workplace Management

Progressive Infotech believes that a workplace which provides integration of work processes, communication, and technology to give a unified experience for its users can be termed as a seamless workplace environment. One of the important aspects of a seamlessly managed workplace is that it aims to incorporate initiatives into business projects at a digital level to meet targets catering to a higher productivity and business continuity.

What do Seamless Workplace Management tools do exactly?

The key to productivity and workplace management is to have access to the fast flow of information that can be integrated with platforms, applications, tools and third-party services to meet business goals. With Microsoft and Google coming up with such cross-platforms for devices that can easily manage work allowing a unified experience for users and the freedom to use the device of their choice, daily activities in a workplace becomes streamlined.

Tasks such as document sharing, end-to-end encryption for real-time messaging, auto-expiry for email to maintain and reduce traffic, ownership of content, performance metrics, seamless 3rd party integrations and custom application development etc. gives an enterprise a user-centric and task driven collaboration. With such an approach, Cloud office solutions Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps allow every user to be in touch with an organization’s core communication and collaboration tools every day thereby allowing a simplified yet unified work management.

This, in turn, makes platforms provide enterprises the necessary association and productivity tools that are needed to perform common business tasks online or in the cloud. Adopting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy helps enterprise users to execute major aspects of project planning, communication, documentation, deployment, support, and post-deployment activities round the clock without being present at a specific workplace. This helps to map out timelines and work schedules to provide a concrete framework for achieving key milestones.

Apart from the above, each user can include critical information, personalize their work, accommodate remote clients and also have the latest upgrades.

In a nutshell, Progressive Infotech tries to lay out what a seamless workplace would look like in future. The workplace evolution from an office to a virtual digital place increases productivity by incorporating major aspects of a business on the digital platform. Reach out to us to know more about digital workplace management for your business today.