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    Asset Life cycle Management

    Asset Management tracks the inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – as well as non‑IT assets – throughout their lifecycle from procurement till disposal. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements, issue chargebacks and provision services. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management Tool will record all activities and enable IT to perform regular audits until asset retirement and will maintain records even after that for audit purposes. Business Benefits Inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues, and service delays are all every day risks for any enterprises that have serious consequences if not addressed. To...

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    IT Service Automation

    The CIO across industries are facing unique challenges to deliver value at low costs, increasing the IT operations efficiency and that too without negatively impacting services, and compliance. Moreover they are eager to adopt innovative technology solutions like Cloud services. To address these challenges IT side of business require IT service automation to align IT with business and bring cost down through service provisioning and service operations and achieve enhanced IT service experience. Our IT service automation practice assists enterprise to get complete visibility into their processes and infrastructure. Our team enables to achieve integration and consolidating the heterogeneous tools environment, and also assists...

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