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A successful enterprise transformation depends on many things including the right applications and access to the storage, market information, etc. However, having a good cloud-native adoption strategy is as important as having the right tools to scale business in the long run. Migrating to the cloud is the inevitable future for many enterprises. But knowing the journey beforehand and acting on

Cloud is here and it’s being adopted. Like any other technology, there are a few challenges in cloud adoption. Formulating a comprehensive migration strategy and organizational change strategy Security & Risk associated with cloud adoption Compliance and regulations Resource and skill set for cloud adoption According to a survey conducted by KPMG Cloud Survey 2014 Report, 53% feared about Data loss

Cloud adoption is significant in enterprises but we can see 54% i.e. more than half of enterprises are in Cloud Beginners & Cloud Explorer maturity phase. In 2013 Enterprise Cloud watchers were 32% hence we can say they have significantly adopted cloud. The result is similar in case of SMB, but Beginners and Explorers constitute 66%. Watchers & Focused cloud adopters constitute almost the same number