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With enterprises going for cloud applications, integration remains a big challenge both to the in-premise application and the other cloud application. The challenges with cloud integration: Lack of integration strategy governance Control and security Performance and latency issues Data replication issues Application connectivity issues For smooth operation enterprises need a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem of applications. Progressive helps to build an enterprise integration

As Cloud computing was gaining momentum so was the new products facilitating managed services to enterprise IT. With Cloud Computing, developers and IT departments were able to focus more on delivering the services rather than being mingled up in tasks such as procurement, maintenance, capacity planning, etc. Also, Cloud with its Cloud Integration Services offered numerous advantages to enterprises who were looking for solutions

As enterprises are witnessing growth a new set of IT problems are emerging. In today’s scenario, the business units have varied options as many cloud solutions and SaaS products are readily available to meet their specific requirements so that they can drive organizational growth. If we examine the IT landscape of any growing enterprise over the year we will find that