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As organizations are preparing to relocate their database workloads to AWS, they also feel the need for changing the database engine. There can be various reasons for this; moving to the open-source engine to reduce cost, policy changes etc. For organizations, whose workloads are on AWS, and want to change database engine, AWS DMS works as a solution for them.

The utilization of cloud technology is on a precise surge, as businesses are becoming more and more aware of the numerous benefits cloud can have in terms of efficiency and profitability. Even if it’s private, public or hybrid, the technology is now used by almost every organization. The reasons which may increase the significance of cloud migration among the enterprises

Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud platform offered by Google. It was first released on October 6, 2011. It offers a suite of services. A global fiber network, connecting you to the world. Analytics that crunch petabytes in minutes. Features of Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform (GCP)services are categorized into following high-level categories in a console. Compute Storage Networking Stack Driver (Monitoring

Quick recap!! In my previous article, I briefed you about “the Artificial Neural Network” and how things actually process in the background while creating an Artificial neural network. I hope you remember about ‘the Activation Function’ An activation function is the most important portion when we talk about ‘Neurons study’. As we know an activation function is a sum of the

Nowadays applications are tuned to serve priorities that drive business efficiency. If the right set of services to improve application performance is developed, then it would be a clever move to drive up business revenue. Application performance management has always been a concern for an enterprise. Right from the coding, storage space, disk performance, memory etc., the performance of an application

With enterprises migrating to cloud, Disaster Recovery and parameters like RTO and RPO are crucial points in a business continuity plan today. Understanding the importance can help operations back up within that acceptable time frame before serious losses can arise from the break in operations. RTO or Recovery Time Objective is the time within which an enterprise can resume business processes

The workplace has evolved to a level where concepts like BYOD and video calls have become a common thing to achieve business goals. By the use of resourceful tools like Office 365 and Google apps, many digitalized workplace enjoy seamless workplace management with a high productivity. Seamless Workplace Management Progressive Infotech believes that a workplace which provides integration of work processes, communication, and

When emerging trends in technology are becoming all pervasive, the enterprises are looking for solutions that increasing focused delivering services that ensure quality and security in IT environment. With Remote Infrastructure Management(RIM) enterprises can forego their strain of maintaining and managing IT operations within the organization. The Remote Infrastructure Management services provider ensures to provide 24*7 global monitoring and management support. In Remote Infrastructure Management,

Enterprises face challenges with the ever-evolving business and technology. The business requirements change with time and often the existing software or packages are not flexible enough to accommodate the new demands. Progressive Infotech’s Application Development practice with an innovative approach, engagements, and governance & delivery models provides customized applications that meet business requirement & specifications. Drawing from our years of experience