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Unbeatable Benefits of Cloud Management Services

Unbeatable Benefits of Cloud Management Services

When an organization adopts a cloud solution into their infrastructure, they need to consider how they’re going to manage it. Going ahead with this, many IT teams tend to take on the management responsibilities themselves, which is certainly a viable option. However, that might not be the best approach for an organization. This is the time when an organization considers a managed service provider (MSP) to help manage with the cloud solution.

According to Gartner, the cloud managed service market is forecast to reach $80 billion by 2024, growing at a five-year CAGR of 17.5% in U.S. dollars. Growth will be driven by organizations demanding agility and support of increasingly complex digital environments.

The best part about cloud managed service provider is that it lifts some or all cloud management obligations from a company’s IT team. Based on the managed service provider, they might offer full management of a cloud deployment or management of specific cloud services. Let us discover what a managed service provider can do for cloud management and operational strategies and understand their unbeatable benefits.

Cost efficiency

Similar to any other technology, it is very essential to keep the financials expenses in check in case of cloud solutions. The cloud usage can be optimised by reducing unnecessary costs but without proper cloud cost management, there is a high tendency to spend more than what is required. For example, if you’ve stored data in the cloud but haven’t utilised it for some time, your MSP might recommend you move it to cold storage to save money. This is an optimal solution for a business that needs to keep data around for compliance or business purposes but does not need to interact with it regularly.

Resource optimization

When application or projects are in or are powered by the cloud, it is crucial to take advantage of the cloud’s resources. Public cloud environments operate on a pay-as-you-use pricing model, which means you only pay for the resources you use. An MSP can help ensure that every cloud resource you own is being used to the fullest of its ability. That way, you’ll know when you’re using unnecessary resources.

Cloud security

Security has always been a top priority for any business opting for the cloud, and for good reason. An enterprise wants to keep its cloud operations secure, but are often unfamiliar or uncomfortable with their cloud deployment. They are often unaware about the ins and outs of cloud security and run the risk of accidentally creating a security risk themselves. Managed Service Providers are well-equipped with knowledge on how to operate a cloud environment with security in mind. Therefore, they can help organizations in keeping their cloud usage safe while ensuring operational success.

Solves Vendor Service Issues

It is often frustrating for organizations to contact vendors over service issues while properly running multiple business tasks running in the background. Here is when CMS providers come to the rescue and do the stressful work for you. They are aware of the right technical questions to ask the third-party vendors, thus bringing a solution at a much faster rate. This results in no confusion which may arise from asking the wrong questions that can delay a solution.

Flexibility & Strategy

As stated earlier, Cloud Managed Service providers are not only flexible with costs, but also utilize the resources where they are needed the most. Apart from this, CMS providers help businesses transition into the cloud strategy that acts as a fusion between business and technology strategy. When a business grows, it is important for it to choose the right technology at the right time in order to grow in the respective domain. The business isn’t the only one that grows, the technology stack along with it does too and when it does CMS providers are there to guide.
Now is the time to start a business relationship with a CMS provider. They are here to help you with everything from data storage and recovery to technical assistance. The cloud has the power to take your business to the next level.


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