An end-to-end portfolio of network services
and solutions for a future-proof network infrastructure

Network management plays a vital role in smooth business operations. In a business’ IT environment, network acts as the backbone which needs to be designed and managed to its optimum level. With the ever-growing use of technologies, devices, and workforce, the network gets complex and leads to high management costs.

Our end-to-end Network Solutions offers a technically feasible network architecture, robust network layer, incident and fault management. We provide an optimal solution for a better control over all your network infrastructure through proactive monitoring, real-time response to alerts, and identification of problem source.

Network Infrastructure

Our next-gen network solutions help you design and manage a secure, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure. Your business needs a cost-effective, robust, and future-proofed network that seamlessly blends with the organizational operations to meet critical business demands. Our experienced network management team proactively monitors, responds to any network failure or issue in real-time, and configures scheduled firmware updates to effectively enhance your business capacity and performance.

Our offerings include

WAN, SDWAN, LAN, Wireless

Demand Mapping

Capacity & Performance


Load Balancers

Routers and Switches

Network Operations

Maintain a stable and reliable network for your enterprise with our proactive preventive maintenance of IT systems, thereby resulting in minimized or no downtime. Our expert NOC team monitors, tracks, and manages your business-critical software and functions by rapidly responding to issues and incidents as soon as they arise. Moreover, the NOC provides you with insights into the incident data, historical or real-time, to identify opportunities to enhance business performance.

Our offerings for network operations include:

Capacity Monitoring

Alerting and reporting

IOS and Firmware Patch Management

Fault Management

Change Management

OEM & Vendor Management

Network Solutions Features


Auto-configure and scale if more access points need to be added in the future.

Role-based access

Assign role-based policies to identify users and control who gets access to the network.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor network performance and usage on systems across the organization.

Why Progressive?

  • Trained and certified
  • Expertise to help achieve seamless network automation and legacy infrastructure overhaul
  • Auto-remediation and event correlation
  • Best in breed technology vendor partnerships

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