A 360° Global Service Desk Solution

The Workplace is Evolving Faster

Employees are working anytime, anywhere

Hybrid is the New Normal

Workplace services are pivoting from SLAs to XLAs

Drive Support Services to Make Your Workforce…


Employees get to enjoy their work, embracing digital dexterity and making their work less arduous and confining, and balance their personal and work lives for a happier experience.


They can now work faster and avoid the frustration that comes with being slackened by delayed support, distractions, and irrelevancies that divert them from their goals.


They can now work smarter and improve the quality of their output, be more strategic and spend time on high impact, satisfying work, rather than mundane repetition and drudgery.

Do these end-user support challenges sound familiar?

  • Wasted time on recurring tickets
  • Supporting work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device 24x7
  • Too many SPOCs for employee needs
  • Risk of downtime, lost productivity, and compromised employee experience
  • An explosion in the variety and versions of end points to support
  • Managing endpoint visibility and compliance
  • Endpoint security management with the advent of hybrid and remote work
  • Lack of a framework for process management and change management
  • The need to recruit & incur additional costs in onboarding a specialist

Resolve 30% to 35% of support requests automatically and
80% - 85% requests using live remote support.

It’s time to Workelevate!

Leverage the combination of platform & services


Self-Service Platform

Empowers the end-users by providing a ‘One-click’ solution to a certain set of repetitive digital workplace issues that they can remediate by themselves, without any intervention of the service desk. Self-Service not only reduces downtime risks but also helps businesses save costs and drive digital dexterity in their organization.

Self-Healing Agent

We believe that preventing an error is better than resolving one. The self-healing agent, with service desk automation at its core, proactively monitors the performance of every system and device it is installed in, making sure that any potential error or issue is immediately resolved before it could actually impact the end-user productivity.

Conversational Chatbot

Streamlines digital workplace support services seamlessly through a rule-based chatbot that enables faster ticket resolutions, automates repetitive requests, and provides one-click remediations to end-users. Having integration capabilities with SaaS applications and messaging platforms, it enables employees to access support through the channel they prefer.


End-User Device Support

Ensuring the well-functioning of user devices is becoming more complex, given the growing number of device models and their types (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone) and the various operating systems. Progressive applies an integrated approach to end-user device management and provides round-the-clock support for device issues while helping you reduce costs.

Business Application Support

To simplify several tasks, business applications are deployed, and the end-users utilize them to maintain business continuity. Progressive helps businesses transform the way they manage applications by enabling round-the-clock support services that help improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and elevate the end-user experience across your organization.

Productivity & Collaboration Application Support

The way people work has changed dynamically, and technologies have played a pivotal role in the evolution of the workplace. Progressive helps businesses to enable a fully digital workplace by providing support for the productivity & collaboration application they use and maximizing their end-user productivity by resolving the application issues in real-time.

ITSM Integrations

Workelevate is easy to connect to any app with open APIs. We constantly improve its integration capabilities with different ITSM tools.

Omnichannel Availability

Seamless resolution of end-user IT queries

  • Self Service (IT)
  • Software Provisioning
  • Printer Support
  • End User Device Management
  • L0 Business Apps Support

Automation-led HR processes to save time

  • Self Service (HR)
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Travel And Expense
  • Leave Management
  • Benefits/Claim Management
  • Employee Communication

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